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Maximize the Day
through Breath

Breath is the foundation of life and influences every system
of the body. You have access to your breath at every moment and every moment is an opportunity for activation, relaxation, control and exploration. Enhance your health and longevity through optimizing
your breath.

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Reduce stress
and anxiety

Improve mental


Control the
nervous system

Optimize health

Maximize the day

Group Training

This forty five minute group workshop will introduce the
breath in a practical way, giving tools to take control
of the unchecked shifts in the mind, control stress, and
guide emotional states to improve health and

We will practice and build an understanding of numerous
techniques and simplified principals to utilize breathing for
any situation.

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Optimize your health

One-On-One 4 Week Course

This course includes one, live thirty minute session a week
for four weeks. You will be introduced to the why
and how to optimize your daily breathing and incorporate
breathing practices throughout the day to reset and gain
control of your nervous system shifts.

You will learn tools to enter a state of calm,
alertness, or a balance to utilize as needed throughout
each day.

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